Hurricane Irma Recovery

Sunday Service, 9/17 - Starts at 10:30am!

Power has been restored to our church building so we will be having church this Sunday! Invite a friend and come join us at 10:30am.


Volunteer Opportunities - All weekend

On Friday, 9/15, we will be packing lunches for first responders and linemen who have been working around the clock to help Bartow recover quickly. We will be meeting at 9am to pack lunches and begin delivery.

Also on Friday, 9/15, we are having a community dinner for all those effected by the storm. We will be serving hamburgers and hot dogs and will have fun games for the whole family to play. All inside an air conditioned gym!! Dinner starts at 5pm.

On Saturday, 9/16, we will have a workday to help those in our area effected by the storm. Bring your chainsaws and rakes and come read to work on Saturday morning. If you need our help cleaning up your home, you can click on the contact us button below and send us a message including your name, address, and phone number so we can coordinate with you!